Do Reusable False Eyelashes Save You Money?

Nowadays, a lot of women- ladies and young ladies – are investing money on fake eyelashes to highlight their eyes. Most of the people who are using it are the girls who want to always look beautiful, the vloggers, on-cam and off-cam performers, beauty pageant contestants, and many more. These false eyelashes do not just add impact to your look but they also actually safeguard the natural lashes. As compared to mascara, fake eyelashes protect the original ones from dullness and brittleness. This way, your real lashes will not only get preserved but also allows your lashes to grow healthier and thicker as well.

There are two different kinds of false eyelashes. One is the prosthetic false eyelashes which are made with Polybutylene Terephthalate. PBT is a plastic fiber type of polyester that requires to pass a process until it reaches the aspired shape of the eyelashes. Usually, this kind of false eyelashes can be used only twice, thrice, or up to four times. Fortunately, there are now reusable false eyelashes that can be used even for up to 30 wears. This kind is made from mink fur. Mink’s furs are popular in the fashion industry as it is being used particularly on clothes aside from eyelashes.

The use of fake eyelashes is quite expensive especially when you are using them on a regular basis. Obviously, you are going to save much if you will put money into a pair of reusable false eyelashes that can be used up to 30 times rather than buying 8 to 10 pairs to achieve the 30-time wear. Approximately, you can save no less than 50% of its overall price if you will spend on the mink fur lashes.

Another characteristic of these reusable false eyelashes is that they could not be deformed easily so there is no reason for you to replace them before the 30th wear. Each and every fiber could not easily fall off. It is perfectly created for long-term use. Thus, there is no need for you to lay over it with mascara as the lashes look very lively all the time.

These are just a few of the reasons why many false eyelash users opt to purchase mink furs rather than prosthetic ones. Getting these reusable false eyelashes could have been easier nowadays as you can get them at beauty stores near you or from beauty shops online.

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