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11 Best Ways to Promote Your Products In-Store

In starting up a business, you must know that it can never succeed without being promoted in any form. No matter how useful your product or service would be, if it has competitors, you can never get over them without the sense of promotion to your business. 

Promotion is a marketing practice that creates awareness about the product/service. It is also the business’ way to identify the prospective consumers and get them to try what’s on offer. With the help of Integrated Advertising Agency, promotion to get your business finds its way to provide information, keep loyal customers, and increase the use of the service can be done successfully. 

As a Marketer, there are different ways to promote the business’ products or services effectively. Read on to find out the 11 best ways to promote the products in-store.

integrated advertising agency
integrated advertising agency
  1. Contests and Giveaways
    One of the trending marketing strategies nowadays is running contests and giveaways on social media pages. It is one good way to improve your customer engagement. But social media isn’t the only place to run this marketing tactic. Remember that before web 2.0, contests and giveaways have already been a part of the marketing campaign in-store. And it has always been effective. This can be done by giving away your product or other’s products that will surely be of their interest to achieve the goal of catching their attention and getting noticed.  
  2. Hosting Events
    Hosting events can attract new customers to visit your store and try out offers that you have for them. It is also one way to get more and new potential customers by personally engaging with the business’ staff. These events can be a celebration of the anniversary, introduction of new offers, giving aways discount offers, and more.  
  3. Upgrades of products/services
    This marketing campaign is an effective strategy to keep loyal customers and improve the number of existing customers. This can be done by upgrading the size of the product but adding only a little amount to the fee. Or by upgrading the benefits or packs that a customer could get from a package. There are a lot of upgrading techniques that you can apply. 
  4. Trade-ins
    A big percentage of consumers save tickets or tokens from one company to trade in for something beneficial for them in the future. In Taiwan, they trade-in winning convenience stores transaction receipt for cash prizes. Some respective amusement parks let their customers trade in their collected winning coupons in exchange for products. There are different trade-in campaign that effectively increases the number of engaging consumers.  
  5. Offer Free WiFi
    As the demand for social interaction increases including chatting or video calling with friends, uploading/downloading videos, sending/receiving images, and many more, the offer for Free WiFi from establishments also increases. Most of these establishments are cafes, restaurants, libraries, and others. This is indeed effective as the needful for strong internet connection is a continuous topic. You will only need to compete with having a strong WiFi connection.  
  6. Showing-off Customer Reviews
    Customer reviews are something that we must be proud of and it’s worth a shoutout. Good customer reviews are hard to earn so never think twice if posting them could help you with your business because they definitely will. All that you need to do is to think of the proper campaign to promote customer reviews.  
  7. Upsell Customers With Signage
    This has been all-time’s effective tactic to promote your business’ offer, aside from word-of-mouth, of course. Creating signage helps inform the potential customers of your offer. But creating effective signage gets them to try what you offer.  
  8. Take Advantage of the Benefit of Experiential Marketing
    Experiential marketing is making the customers experience the offer even if they haven’t bought it yet. In some establishments, there are free drinks on offer, a comfortable waiting area, and set-up tutorials for the shopper.  
  9. integrated advertising agency
    integrated advertising agency

    Entertaining Brand Campaigns
    Be sure to make your brand campaign entertaining. If your campaign is less entertaining, there will be a higher chance for your campaign to be left behind by your competitors.


  10. Provide Valuable Information to Customers
    Enticing and entertaining are proven to be effective characteristics of marketing campaigns. But remember that apart from these two, it is also important that your campaign is educational and provides correct information to customers. Otherwise, your offer will likely be like a scam. 
  11. Reach Out to Customers for Surveys
    One of the greatest ways to improve customer relations is by conducting surveys. With the honest surveys, you will know the suggestions of the customers that they think your business lacks. And you will use that as a form of constructive criticism to improve your business. 

You have read about the 11 best ways to promote your products in-store. Make sure that you will not forget to link your in-store promotion to digital marketing promotions. Get inviting posts that will get your potential clients involved in your social media pages.

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