Le Feu De L’Eau candles

If you’ve ever held the belief that fire and water don’t mix, then you’ve never laid your eyes (or nose) on a Le Feu De L’Eau candle.

A humble collaboration between Southern Californian, Wendy Polish, and Londoner, Jo Strettell, the Le Feu De L’Eau brand was born out of their undeniable enthusiasm for the 60’s and the ‘fantasy candles’ typical of that time.

Le Feu De L’Eau, literally translating to ‘The Fire of the Water’, is a hint to the unique process that best friends, Polish and Strettell, use to create their candles.

Each candle is uniquely crafted through hand-sculpting the wax under water using hand-mixed colours and custom-blended fragrances to create a one-of-a-kind product.

The result is an earthly candle made from soy wax (the benefits of which include longer burn time due to lower melting point, a biodegradable material and natural renewable resource derived from vegetables rather than petroleum)… a major tick to any environmentally conscious consumer.

In fact, every element of the Le Feu De L’Eau brand is uniquely down-to-earth, even the package labels are hand screen-printed by Polish and Strettell themselves.

A candle’s greatest gift is arguably its scent, and based on elaborate inspiration boards created by the founders, each of the eleven candles of the collection has it’s own fragrance, colour and design.

After Store and After Online are currently stocking seven of these candles in Le Feu Vert (Fig Leaf), Le Feu Peche (Neroli), Le Feu De Rouges (Garden Rose), Le Feu Bleu Phthalo (Night Blooming Jasmine), Le Feu Marron (Amber), Le Feu Gris (Musk and Smoke) and Le Feu Ivoire (Patchouli and Amber).

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