Trends to Keep Your Baby Boy Fashionable This Season

They might not yet know how to dress themselves, but they can still rock their looks. Slipping into the guise of parenthood comes with it’s woes and worries, but there’s always a glimmer of hope in the shape of newborn threads. For parents of little girls, the world of dressing up beams bright; for the parents of baby boys, there’s more than a few learning curves, especially when it comes to dressing in accordance with the season. Here are the top three baby boys clothing trends for this winter to keep your little man snug and stylish.



As the first cool breeze of winter arrives, the knitwear trend jumps back out and envelopes society. It’s no wonder –  knitwear is a trend that never dies, owing to its soft warmth and comfortability. From beanies to mittens and thick cardigans to wooly socks, the little man in your life is ready to don his first knitwear. This season, it’s all about neutral knits in shades of grey, black, beige or cream. 



Woodland and Forest Prints

While cozied up, why not enlighten their little minds with colourful images and prints of woodland and forest animals? Between Bambi, bunnies and foxes, your little man is bound to be in awe of the patterns. Not only are they one of the go-to trends for this winter, but woodland and forest prints offer an incredible interactive learning opportunity. What better way to warm your bub up to foxes and friends than by wearing them?


Slogan Sweaters and Tops

While they may not be stringing complex sentences together just yet, your baby boy still has something on his mind – so why not let his shirt do the talking? Slogan tops are a massive trend this winter and go beyond baby boys clothing. Text centric styles grace the street with all demographics, but they offer a fun and unique way for your bub’s personality to shine. Not only that – they’re super easy to add into an existing wardrobe, and can even be worn in conjunction with a cozy knit. Now how is that for style?

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