Blinq Digital Business Cards

Business cards today

The businesses nowadays are digitally manageable. You can manage your team even if you’re miles away from them using a video conference or outsourcing. 

Business communications and marketing have innovated a lot since they started big tech companies like Microsoft and Apple. Even our shopping experience had become convenient with Amazon. 

Technology has done a lot of help in making a company last. It can help cope up with the modern demands of business like digital recording, digital equipment, and even digital marketing. 

Transactions today can be done with the use of digital cards like the Blinq app where you can do business digitally. Let us know what an app like the Blinq can help us with our business. 

But first, we need to know what a digital business card can give you as a businessman.

Doing business using the digital business card 

When we say digital business card, it means you are transacting and communicating to prospects using a device. And we all know that our smartphones are one of our most essential necessities, especially in this time of modern technology. So why print traditional business cards if you can send your business name and offers using your smartphones. Every information now is instant and paperless. Plus, we can google everything with our phones and of course, we can do business using only an app like Blinq. Continue reading for more information about the convenience that this app can give you.

Blinq is for you too!

One of my favorite bands is Blink 182 because I feel that their music is easy and gives a certain feeling of convenience in terms of how rock and roll should sound. And the Blinq app is like my favorite band at some point, and can really help you find convenience in innovating the usual way of doing business. 

Using the app, the phone will be your business card. You can get prospects’ information easily and leave them a very good impression that will surely grow your market value. Below are the three benefits that this amazing app can give.

  1. Share your contact information quickly, with anyone.

    You can easily share your business profile with the use of technology like QR code Scanner where you can fastly share your information with your possible customers.

  2. Make a great first impression.

    During this time of uncertainty due to this Covid-19 pandemic, we need to cope with the adjustments with the protocols with our business. An app like the Blinq can help us continue leaving good impressions digitally.

  3. Keep track and manage your new relationships.

    Keeping good relationships with your customers and prospects can really help your business grow. Blinq can give you convenience in tracking and keeping your bond and connections with your market.

This app is really for you, too. Blinq app innovates itself to cope up and adapt to the changing world. With this help, we can save a lot of effort and time that can result in more productive days. 

 Transact digitally!

We need to accept that traditional ways will be obsolete someday. These are the traditional way of selling and promoting products. All transactions now are beginning to become digitally and virtually assisted by the technology we have today. In our society, we use apps such as zoom and google meet to make virtual contact with business affairs. But in completing the digital transactions, the innovated Blinq app has partaken the most part. Especially in this pandemic period, Blinq app has made transactions the easiest and safest way that we need. Get started with using the Blinq app.


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